In the early 1800s, people began flocking to beaches for seaside entertainment. With the introduction of railroads, sunny ocean-bound sandy beaches became more popular pastimes. At the same time, outdoor casual fashion clothing has become a hobby of distinguished ladies. Here, we can grasp the path to fashionable swimwear. That is, the predecessor of beach pants.
The phenomenon of seaside swimming in the 18th century, some people think that avoiding the sun's ultraviolet rays can keep the skin fair. According to 1797 fashion data shows two ladies with a protected face shaded cap, scarf and gloves as they handle a group of bathing machines in Cavagna. Ladies know that the weight of a smock-like swim gown prevents the skirt from floating up and revealing their legs, and this period has slowly ruled fashion.
The flock of women to the seaside leisure beaches in the early nineteenth century marked the beginning of a revolution in swimwear. In 1810 Vogue introduced sober.
Clothes for bathing in the mid-19th century covered most of the female figure. In 1864 Mrs. Godey was influenced by the long lantern creative women's clothing. These garments are highlighted in the book.
At the end of the 19th century, people flocked to seaside beaches for popular and fashionable seaside activities such as swimming, surfing, bathing, and diving. The clunky Victorian swimsuit has become a heavy burden. The new clothes were conservative but less liberal, and were the most common sightings of young ladies at the beach at the time.
By the early 1920s, women's swimsuits had been gradually simplified to clothing that could be exposed above the knee. While matching stockings are still worn, swimsuits begin to shorten above the stockings. By the mid-1920s, fashion magazines told readers that "the recent East West Jersey swimsuit has become a casual attire for people in the neighborhood".
Until today, beach shorts and beachwear, which evolved from swimwear, have become another fashion for beach leisure. Its main features are easy to wash, quick dry, comfortable and soft. And it is very suitable for outdoor sports, home leisure, street fashion and many other occasions. accepted by more and more people.
June 27, 2022 — 司晓君

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